Analysis of Export Strategy of Electric Tools in China

March 14, 2019

China is a major producer and exporter of hardware tools. Among them, the vast majority of electric tools sold worldwide are produced and exported from China. China has become the world's leading power tool supplier. Although China's hardware tools industry is relatively large, due to factors such as weak technological innovation capability, over-monotonous market structure, and weak brand influence, many hardware and tool manufacturers often lack core competitiveness and are difficult to become bigger and stronger.

In the domestic electric tool market, domestic sales of electric tools have accounted for 90% of total sales, while various imported brands only account for 10% of the market. In the foreign power tool market, the proportion of China's manufacturing continues to expand, and China has become a global power tool production base. The domestic electric tool market is even more critical to the quality and brand of electric tools. No matter whether it is a distributor of electric tools, it is still a direct user of Pan Bo, and they are very serious about the quality and brand of electric tools. Therefore, the inclination of the market towards good quality and good brand power tools has increased. This is an increase, indicating that the power tool market is maturing.

Domestic hardware tools are widely used in various fields such as geological exploration, stone materials, machinery, automobile and national defense industry. The manufacturing technology level of abrasive tools, geological drill bits and stone cutting tools for machining has been greatly improved. Products have become serialized and standardized, with complete specifications and stable product quality. Some products have a certain degree of competitiveness in the international market.

The purpose of the power tool is the same as that of the air tool. It is even more convenient to use than a pneumatic tool. It has a small and exquisite body, long life, high safety, and can save energy and other advantages. In terms of the current overall situation, its specifications are relatively complete, such as wind chisel, gun drill, polishing machine, impact wrench and so on.