Hardware electric tools businesses focus on market development Rapid development

March 14, 2019

Under the pressure of the declining foreign trade market, many manufacturers and distributors of hardware power tools began to switch strategies and began to focus on the development and innovation of the domestic hardware power tools market, and some power tools companies and businesses that are dominant in domestic sales. , It is to play its own advantages, and actively strive to upgrade the file, the development is also very rapid.

Although the domestic market capacity is not as large as the international market, but the demand is still small, most of them are professional electric tools, and the sales price is higher, so the economic benefits are better. As long as the emphasis on product quality, and constantly consolidate and develop market share, there is also the same The future can survive and develop in the same way. As the domestic electric tool market is more discerning about the quality and brand of electric tools, both the electric tool dealers and the direct users attach great importance to the quality and brand of electric tools. Therefore, the inclination of the market towards good quality and good brand power tools has increased. As long as companies and sellers follow the market market, electric tools are nowhere to go.

Domestic users have higher and higher requirements on the quality of electric tools, and they are particularly concerned about product efficiency, weight, and longevity. Taking the construction industry as an example, the quality problems of domestically-made electric tools are mainly reflected in the following: electric hammers are prone to heat, the continuous working time is short, the impact of electric hammers is small, and the vibration is large. The operator must use pressure to reach the depth, and the drill bit is easy to wear and tear. Broken and so on.

In order to better develop domestic and foreign markets, more and more manufacturers and sellers of power tools are paying more attention to technological innovation, winning by quality, consolidating and expanding markets with new products. Therefore, the brand awareness and brand effect of the power tool market are even more pronounced. Many power tool distributors with a certain strength and scale show high enthusiasm for the distribution of brand power tools.

As manufacturers continue to focus on corporate brand building, increase investment in science and technology, and develop new products, the power tool industry has achieved a diversified, large-scale, modern, large-scale, and innovative power tool from a single small power tool product. The development direction of the series of products quickly occupied the market commanding heights.